Precious Metal courses: Keep the overview

18.01.2017 15:15

From now on you can follow the current precious metal prices on our website. This feature isn't new in general, but we performed a comprehensive update due to the wishes of our customers.

The charts are bigger and more filigree, so the data can be read more detailed. This feature is supported by the displaying of the price level at the current mouse position. To follow the price development, it isn't necessary anymore to reload the page, because the prices will be updated dynamically inside the window. Additionally you can set a focus on an interesting development by clicking and dragging within the chart, and you can also save the current view.

The charts are available under the menu item "online shop". The main item "precious metal prices" contains the precious metal charts on a daily basis. These are gold, silver, platinum and palladium for the weights of 1 oz and 1 kg with the currencies Euro and US-Dollar.

The menu items "Current Gold Price" and "Current Silver Price" holding ready the most popular precious metals with the charts on a daily basis and a monthly statement, so you can track your favorite precious metal even more accurately.

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