NOAH'S ARK - proof coin in gold

We are proud to offer you the popular Armenian coin now in an exclusive gold edition. In fact, these extremely limited coins are made with finest proof quality! This exquisite collector's edition is issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. This coin will be provided separately in 4 different sizes or in one attractive coin set. A real highlight is the engraved serial numbering of each coin, making every single piece an unique one.

Only the finest gold granules from certified sources were used in one of the most advanced mints in Germany. These coins shine with extraordinary proof quality, which is the highest minting quality. The fineness, purity and quality are guaranteed by the Central Bank of Armenia.

finenessnominal valuegold contentpuritydiameterlimitation
1g 100 Dram 1 g 999,9 13,9 mm 3.000
¼ oz 10.000 Dram 7,78 g 999,9 20,0 mm 1.000
½ oz 25.000 Dram 15,55 g 999,9 25,2 mm 800
1oz 50.000 Dram 31,1 g 999,9 30,2 mm 500

The coin set (limited to an exclusive amount of 50 pieces) & the 1oz versions are already sold out.

European history in finest gold

God assigned Noah to build an ark to save his family and a couple of each animal species from the dangers of the Deluge. After 150 days, the ark stranded on Mount Ararat. When a dove with an olive branch in its beak returned to Noah, he was certain that the flood was over. With his family and the animals he could leave the ark and they began to repopulate the earth.

This biblical story is deeply rooted in the European culture and an expressive symbol of Armenia. The Mount Ararat, which once belonged to Armenia, can be found with an ark symbol on top in the national Coat of Arms until today.

The Design - worth a mint

The obverse of the coin shows the Armenian Coat of Arms. Below that you can see the nominal value of the coin in Armenian Dram, the fineness, the purity, the year of issue and the signature of the mint.

The motif of the coin is framed by the transcription of the coins name in English and Armenian. In the foreground the white dove is flying with an olive branch in its beak towards the ark in the center of the image. In the background a beautiful scenery can be seen, consisting of the sun rising behind Mount Ararat.