Supreme minting quality and purity

The “Noah´s Ark” is an exclusive silver bullion coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia.
The coin is a legal tender in the Republic of Armenia at its face value. The “Noah´s Ark” is produced in one of the most modern private mints at the highest quality standard.

European history in finesilver

Noah´s Ark is an expressive symbol of the Armenian history deeply rooted in the European culture. According to the Christian Old Testament the Ark was built by Noah at God´s command to save himself, his family and the world´s animals from the worldwide deluge of the Great Flood. In the narrative of the Ark, God sees the wickedness of man resolving to send a great fl ood to cleanse the Earth.

However, he sees that Noah is a man “righteous in his generation” and gives him detailed instructions on how to construct a seaworthy Ark. When Noah, his family and the animals are safe on board, God sends the Flood which rises until all mountains are covered and all life on the Earth is destroyed. At the height of the flood, the Ark rests on the top of the Mountain Ararat, the water recede, and the dry land reappears. Noah, his family and the animals leave the Ark to repopulate the Earth.

God places a symbolic rainbow in the sky and makes a covenant with Noah and all living things, by which he vows to never again send a flood to destroy the Earth.

The Noah's Ark coin

The coin´s obverse depicts Armenian Coat of Arms, face value of the coin in Armenian Dram, inscription “Republic of Armenia” in Armenian and English, the purity, the weight and the year of issue of the coin.

The coin´s reverse depicts Noah´s Ark, white dove with an olive branch in the beak and the Mountain Ararat with a rising sun in the background. The edge of the coin is inscribed by “Noah´s Ark” in Armenian and English.

The packaging of the coins

The Noah's ark coins are packed in tubes with 20 coins each. With a special process, the HQC-System, the coins are surrounded by protective precious gas, which prevents the tarnishing and the emeging of „milk stains“ on the precious metal. As long as the sealing is not broken, your investment coins are protected.
The  ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 oz coins are delivered in clear tube to guarantee this. This ensures trouble-free counting without opening the tube and breaking the protective sealing.

The tubes are packed within a rustic wooden box which is manufactured at the Moutainous Region of Soxony.

Different sizes for your investment

The “Noah´s Ark” Armenian silver bullion coins are available in different sizes. This affords investors an opportunity to choose that amount of their investments on their own.

Silver – Investment Metal and Demanded Commodity

Bullion coins made of precious metals have always been indispensable component of personal asset protection against rising inflation, possible currency devaluations and financial instability. Silver as monetary and investment metal has kept its value thousands of years. Due to regularly increasing demand for silver in industry metal experts assure that silver price will continue rising.

Noah's Ark in proof quality

The edition is limited to 2.000 pieces, but only 1.000 of them will enter the European market. The other 1.000 pieces will be distributed by the Armenian Central Bank in Armenia.
We offer the Noah's Ark coins of proof quality in the sizes of 1 oz, ½ oz and ¼ oz as a set in an attractive handmade wooden box.
The coins are numbered and the respective number is engraved thoroughly in the shiny spots of the edge. Furthermore you will find a certificate of the Armenian Central Bank testifying the technical parameters and further information.

Year¼ oz½ oz1 oz5 oz10 oz1 kg5kg
2011 17.068 15.533 268.325 - - - -
2012 173.696 102.028 457.576 3.550 2.003 2.449 163
2013 124.713 90.204 581.800 2.436 1.992 2.826 171
2014 113.723 87.563 566.323 4.535 3.645 2.590 476
2015 183.622 139.722 960.182 3.348 4.065 2.485 473
2016 292.562 156.002 529.202 4.123 4.562 3.606 449

Noah's Ark silver coins 2017

Noah's Ark silver coins 2016