An innovation was developed to fulfil supreme security requirements:
Embossing silver bars with several security features protects against any possible attempts of manipulation and counterfeiting.

The special features are:

  • Ribbed edge - In contrast to other bars, the edge is not smooth, but ribbed as a coin in order to prevent manipulations like filing off small pieces.
  • Pearl surface - Due to this minting process, the surface of the obverse sides becomes matte and seemingly three-dimensional.
  • Security label - All bars are marked. The entire production process is retraceable to the batch of raw material.
  • Structured back and stronger relief - The reverse side is textured, showing the LEVrhombus, the logo of our production company.
  • UV coating - The backside is painted with a special varnish (visible only under UV light) with the year of  minting and the LEV rhombus