The Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH has a special branch at the Castle Güldengossa. We are feeling obligated to the centuries lasting tradition of precious metals of the Castle Güldengossa and have issued therefore an own edition of precious metal products with the emblem of the beautiful headquarters.

The brand-name Schloß Güldengossa is a registered trademark of Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH and is also registered at "Zentralamt für Edelmetallkontrolle" (central administrative bureau for precious metals controls) in Bern/Switzerland with the no. 10467.

The edition offers a wide choice of investment bars and medals of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. These bars stem from our own manufacture, which enables us to react flexibly to changes in the market and produce large quantities within a short time. Make-to-order products and special sizes are also possible upon enquiry.

The raw materials for our self-produced products are delivered only from suppliers who are listed and certified as "Good Delivery" melters and essayers at the London Bullion Market Association in London (LBMA).

In addition to several minted bars and medals, there are a special edition of bars with highest security standards - the Security Line.