Precious metals made in Germany

In south of Leipzig the Geiger Edelmetalle produces valuable bullion products in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper on an area of over 10.000 square meters.

Geiger Edelmetalle offers a wide choice in bullion with the emblem of the Schloss Güldengossa as a valuable addition to a portfolio of commercially available investment products. The produced blanks and small plates are manufactured from high quality granules and processed to attractive valuables.

Due to permanent quality control during the production we are able to provide our customers an outstanding quality for their medals and coins.

Blanks made by Geiger Edelmetalle are manufactured from gold and silver and are available in weight classes from 1 gram up to 15 000 grams stand out for a perfect, homogeneous surface, plane level or upset at the edge. Excellent striking and streaming characteristics and narrow tolerances of weight are a matter of course for us.

A highly modern, process guided equipment for founding, rolling and preparing treatment guarantee a constant quality of the blanks and an excellent surface of your medals and coins.

From the granulate to the coin

  • Founding with the strip founding procedure as a strip or on the coil for blanks and bars from 1 gram up to 1.000 grams.
  • Single-Founding of blanks and bars from 50 grams up to 20.000 grams.
  • Rolling hanks of gauges with 250 mm width and 25 mm thickness at maximum.
  • Punching of blanks and small plates from 1 gram up to 1.000 grams.
  • Preparing Treatment with pressure polishing by balls and cleansing for proof coin blanks.
  • Glowing in instantaneous annealing furnace to achieve the hardness of material required.
  • Minting and hallmarking of blanks and small plates from 1 gram up to 15.000 grams by manual, semi-automatic and automatic minting presses with a pressing power from 50 tons up to 2.500 tons.
  • Coloration and surface finishing in various sizes

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