Copper Rabbit Schloss Güldengossa - 500 g .9999 in wooden case

500 g fine copper

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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500 g
gross weight
0,770 kg
physical dimension
H: 10,0 cm / B: 8,6 cm
The casted Theme Bars in copper with a fineness of 999,9/1000 in shape of a hare is a beautiful and an exceptional gift idea from Geiger Edelmetalle with the accustomed high quality. These attractive copper bars are protected by a special varnish, so you can handle them without gloves and enjoy the surface without hesitation. Vacuum-sealing isn't necessary anymore.
The precious wooden boxes are handmade in old handcraft tradition in the Saxon Mountains (Erzgebirge).
This bar is also available in 500 g fine silver.
Additional available theme bars are heart, star and cat, others will follow.

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