German Coins and Medals Saxony, oval silver medal 1677

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German Coins and Medals Saxony, oval silver medal 1677, Slg. Engelhardt 956; Slg. Merseb.1185
Historical Coin
regent: Johann Georg II, 1656-1680
nominal: Oval silver medal
year: 1677
special: M. H. Omeis, on its neutrality in the war against France.
rarity: Very rare
preservation: very fine / extremely fine
This in 1677 introduced oval shaped silver medal of Saxony is a special jewel in our numismatic portfolio, due to its rarity. With this medal Johann Georg II. of Saxony emphasised his neutrality towards the Frenchmen during the war between France and German royal houses. He was a francophile regent and made efforts improving his residencies to baroque palaces, just like his role model the sun king Louis XIV of France. Particularly Dresden is clearly influenced by his reign.
Our available copy of the silver medal is 'very fine' respectively 'extremely fine', which means that all minted details are in excellent shape just with slight little scratches or wear marks. This piece of art has a wonderful patina.

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