palladium bar .9995 - 31,1 Gram

1 troy oz fine palladium

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Heraeus, Umicore o.ä.
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fine weight
1 oz
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0,031 kg
foil sealed
This 1 oz palladium bar is a product, which is exclusively produced of LPPM-certified Manufacturers. The bars carry the logos of the big Manufacturers like Heraeus, Umicore or others. These bars are foil sealed, mostly within blisters. On the palladium bars you find the weight of 1 oz, the precious metal used, the fineness (999,5/1000) and the manufacturer's label.
The rare palladium is gaining more and more popularity as a reliable investment product. It is an indispensable component of the automotive industry. It is used to produce catalysts and spark plugs; also it is used to produce medical devices and dental implants. It is also used in the jewellery industry, because it is cheaper than platinum, but has similar characteristics like appearance, melting point etc.
Most of the time, we purchase the palladium bars from Heraeus. In some cases we get the bars from other suppliers. If you only wish to receive Heraeus bars, please inform us, when placing your order.

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