silver bar Security Line 10 oz .999 - Southern Cross

311 gram fine silver

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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10 oz
gross weight
0,311 kg
physical dimension
66 x 36 mm
foil-sealed wooden box of 45 pc.
Minted Southern Cross bullion 10 oz silver bar with a ribbed edge and a fineness of 999/1000. On these stunning minted silver bars in fine silver is on the one side the iconic \Southern Cross\ (Crux) constellation in a 'windowed' mirror field, which is a beautiful contrast to the pearl finish surface of the silver bar. The back features a Southern Cross Bullion shield at the center of a star pattern stamped deeply into the hard metal.
Special features: ribbed edge, textured reverse side, pearl surface, security label and stronger relief painted with a special UV reflecting varnish (visible under UV-light only) with the year of minting and the manufacturer logo (LEV rombus).

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