silver round 1 oz .999 - Schloss Güldengossa

1 troy ounce silver

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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fine weight
1 oz
gross weight
0,031 kg
physical dimension
heat-sealed 20 pc per sheet 200 pc ber box
The 1 oz silver round from the trademark Schloss Güldengossa is a valuable addition to your precious metal collection.
Schloss Güldengossa is a registered trademark of Geiger Edelmetalle, it is also registered at the Central Office of Precious Metal Control in Switzerland.
We guarantee best manufacturing quality, due to the use of modern machining facilities and advanced technologies. Our bullion products stand out by effective fabrication and quality assurance management.
These products where tailor-made to the demands of our customers to gain a purchase close to the spot price.
The silver rounds can be bought directly from the producer ensuring a decisive price advantage.
The round itself shows the trademark Schloss Güldengossa design on the front. The backside displays information about weight in the centre, framed by the fineness of 999/1000 and our company name.

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