Wonderful World "Nashorn" - 1 oz silver round .9999 in case proof coin

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Strong, beautiful, worthy of our protection: Hardly any animal on the planet has so deeply impressed humankind as the rhinoceros.
The debut motif of the first precious silver medal from Le Grand Mint has been dedicated to this noble behemoth.
”Per aspera ad astra” is the inscription is displayed on the obverse side of this silver medal: ”To the stars through difficulties” is the essence of this saying originating from ancient times.  
With an unpretentious design, this embossed piece of pure pure silver (9999/1000) it is interesting for investors and collectors.
Precisely conceptualized with modern artistry and design from multiple design award-winner Dirk Uhlenbrock (Ersteliga), the silver medal represents an innovation of the ”New Objectivity” movement. The first fine embossing from our current silver medal collection, ”Wonderful World” is a limited edition crafted in high quality.

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