Biggest silver coin in the world 2016 - Ivory Coast 1750 oz silver .999 antique

54.425 g fine silver

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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fine weight
1.750 oz
gross weight
54,425 kg
physical dimension
65 cm
nominal value
1.000.000 CFA
The biggest silver coin in the world 2016 mad from .999 fine silver has a diameter of 65 cm and a weight of 1.750 ounces (54,425 kg).
This colossus is limited to 15 pieces and of course they are numbered. Every coin is an exclusively manufactured unicum with an antique-finish look. Because of the extreme elaborate production every coin is manufactured on request.
The motif of this giant coin shows the biggest land mammal - the african elephant. It is surroundet by the french lettering \LE MONDE ANIMAL EN PERIL\ (the animal world in danger) and the latin name of the animal. In addition there is on the obverse side the year of issue 2016, the weight of 1.750 ounces, the used precious metal, the logo of the manufacturing company LEV and the respective issue number (from 001 to 015).
The reverse side, of this biggest silver coin ever produced, is the coat of arm of the country of issue - the Ivory Coast. There is also the nominal value of 1 million Francs CFA (1.000.000).
The coin is packed within a stele made of dark precious wood, steel and acrylic glass, so it is ideal preparated for presentation.

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