Cook Islands - 1 oz gold

31,1 gram fine gold



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1 Unze
gross weight
0,031 kg
physical dimension
D: 33,00 mm
nominal value
100 CID
The gold bullion coin Cook Islands of the island state in the South Pacific was issued in gold for the first time in 2009. It owes its name, like the islands, to the british sailor and discoverer James Cook.
The motif of this gold coin remains every year. The obverse side shows the legendary Bounty, a Royal Navy sailing ship with three masts.
The reverse side shows a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II.
The Cook Islands gold coins are minted in Germany and have a fineness of 999,9/1000. The nominal value of this 1 oz gold coin is 100 CID (Cook Island Dollar), the legal tender of the Cook Islands. There is no limitation, the demand determines the yearly denomination.
Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.

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