With Geiger Edelmetalle you can buy and sell precious metals with ease and convenience: via our online shop, by telephone or in person. The security and transparency of every step - from commissioning to delivery - are of the highest importance to us.

You may store your precious metals discreet and secure in completely insurable safe deposit boxes at our company headquarters in Schloss Güldengossa and in our office in South Germany.

On conclusion of your contract with Geiger Edelmetalle you will receive the keys and the access authorisation. You have access to your safety deposit box at any time during office hours or by appointment.

Please contact us in advance by telephone or e-mail, in order to make sure that you will be allowed unimpeded access.
You can take out additional insurance on the safety deposit box. Our consulting team can give you more information.

Rental (per annum)
inkl. 19% VAT
1 10 27 38 10.260 45,00 €
2 15 27 38 15.390 60,00 €
3 20 27 38 20.520 75,00 €
4* 30 27 38 30.780 95,00 €
5* 60 27 38 61.560 260,00 €

* only in Güldengossa