The perfect gift idea: the silver medal with individual printing

Are you searching for a Christmas present for your friends and family?

The individually printable silver medal will be unique with your picture on it. It will be a doubly valuably Christmas present, because it is made of one ounce of the finest silver and so this medal is also a store of value.

This printable silver medal is not only suitable as a present for Christmas - a silver medal with the picture of your grandchild or your pet is a great gift idea for a festivity and will coat your memories in silver.

The reverse side of the medal is minted of high-quality. Here you can find the information of the used precious metal, the weight and the fineness. Your new treasure comes within a beautifull case with velvet haptics. A brilliant idea for nearly every occasion.

Just upload your cut out picture right to the product at our online shop and order it comfortable via mouse click.

Informations for the data delivery you can find here.

19.10.2016 09:30

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