(1) Cancellation Rights: You may cancel this contract within fourteen days without giving a reason.The cancellation period equals fourteen days from the day on which you or another third party whom you have nominated who is not a carrier has taken possession of the merchandise. To exercise your cancellation right you must notify us (Geiger Edelmetalle AG, Stromstrasse 6, 04571 Rötha, Germany, phone: +49 34297 9869-20, fax: +49 34297 9869-33, E-Mail: info@geiger-edelmetalle.deby means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by mail, a fax or an E-Mail) about your decision to cancel this contract. To do this you may use the enclosed Muster-Widerrufsformular (model cancellation form), the use of which however is not compulsory. To comply with the cancellation period you must only submit the notice of your decision to exercise your cancellation right within the cancellation period. When returning merchandise please only use the following returns address: 

Geiger Edelmetalle AG
Stromstrasse 6
04571 Rötha

Phone: +49 34297 9869-0
Fax: +49 34297 9869-184

(2) Consequences of a Cancellation: When you have cancelled this contract we are obliged to repay all payments received from you including the delivery costs (except for any additional costs incurred if you have chosen a different delivery method than our preferred standard delivery), immediately and no later than within fourteen days from the day on which we receive the notice that you have cancelled this contract. Unless explicitly arranged otherwise, we will be transacting this repayment using the same payment method you used during the original transaction; in no case will we be charging you a fee for this repayment. 

We are entitled to withhold repayment until we have either received the merchandise or until you have furnished proof that you have returned the merchandise to us, whichever occurs first. 
You must return or surrender the merchandise immediately or no later than within fourteen days from the day on which you have notified us of your decision to cancel the contract. The deadline has been met if you dispatch the merchandise before the time of fourteen days has lapsed.
You are responsible for carrying the direct costs of returning the merchandise.
You are only responsible for compensating a loss in the value of the merchandise when this loss has occurred by handling the merchandise more than is necessary to inspect its quality, its properties and its functionality.

(3) Exemptions to the Cancellation Right: The following contracts are exempted from the cancellation right (Section 312 g of the German Civil Code BGB):
a) the supply of goods that are not ready made but which are rather being made to order or which are clearly being adapted to the customer’s personal requirements,
b) contracts for supplying goods or providing services, including financial services, whose price is determined by fluctuations of the financial markets which the company is unable to influence and which can occur within the cancellation period, here particularly with regard to services in connection with shares, with shares in open investments within the meaning of section 1 subsection 4 of the investment law book and with regard to other tradable securities, foreign currency, derivatives or money market instruments.