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50 kg Bucket Copper Nuggets .999

50.000 gram fine copper

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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gross weight
51.001,00 Gramm
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50.000 g
physical dimension
30 x 34 cm
Sealed Plastic-Bucket, including 50 kg of Copper Nuggets (8x10 mm) with a purity of 999/1000.
The 50 kg bucket of copper nuggets is a unique product of GEIGER Edelmetalle. In addition to the traditional investment metals, copper is increasingly interesting. Unlike gold, the metal copper has a real consumption. The demand of copper is constantly rising worldwide. The reason is, that more and more copper cable is used. Copper is also installed in modern technologies, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. The increasing demand and rising costs for the dismantling of the metal show clearly, that copper has a great potential as an investment metal. That's why we offer, as one of the first dealers in Germany, copper in the form of nuggets in a practical and sealed plastic bucket. The advantage of this product is that you pay no mold cost. You get copper in classical nugget form as it is uses in industry.
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