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MultiDisc Heraeus 10 g fine gold .9999 (10 x 1 g)

10 * 1 gramm fine gold
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The Multidisc is an innovative concept of Heraeus. The disc contains 10 x 1 g gold bars, which are packed within a rotatable packaging. The box makes it possible to get the bars easily out of the packaging and put it back the same way. The small square shaped bars are numbered individually and a certificate is integrated within the packaging.
The multidisc is particularly suitable to invest in small 1 gram gold bars. It combines the qualities of favourable purchase and high flexibility for possible selling. These are perfect characteristics for investors. Furthermore you buy a product of the well-known and renowned company Heraeus.
For this the Multidisc is ideal for new entrants of the investment world as well as for experts.
It is a product which shouldn't be missed in any precious metal portfolio.
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