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Arche Noah 2017- Armenia ¼ oz gold coin .9999 Proof

7,775 g fine gold
Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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62,00 Gramm

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1/4 oz
physical dimension
D=20 mm
nominal value
10.000 Dram
coin etui with colored secondary packaging and inserted certificate
The Noah’s Ark proof coin 1/4 oz is limited to 1.000 handnumbered pieces.
European history minted in fine gold.
The biblical story of Noah and his ark is deeply ingrained in the European culture and is also very symbolic for the Republic of Armenia. The ark, which stranded on Mount Ararat after the Flood, is also part of the Armenian Coat of Arms. This national emblem decorates the obverse of this coin collection.
These gold collector's coins in proof quality are issued by the Central Bank of Armenia and are available in four different sizes and as an exclusive set edition.
The four weight classes of this gold coin bear the corresponding nominal value, the fine weight, the fineness and the embossing year on the front side next to the Armenian coat of arms. Around the coat of arms is the lettering Republic of Armenia in English as well as in Armenian.
A special highlight of this coin is the fine number engraving above the coat of arms. Due to the coins strictly limitation, every individual piece is provided with the respective number of mintage.
The center of the motif of this beautiful gold coin is adorned by the eponymous Noah's Ark. It floats in the decreasing water in front of Mount Ararat. Behind the imposing and unmistakable mountain silhouette, the sun rises with bright rays. The foreground shows the dove send by Noah, flying with an olive branch in its beak, announcing the end of the Flood. The surrounding lettering of the motif bears the word "Noah’s Ark" in Armenian and English.
This first edition of the Noah’s Ark in gold is minted in proof quality, which is the highest possible quality. The Noah's Ark silver bullion coin has been published since 2011 and has established itself on the world market very well.
This exclusive edition in gold impresses with an exceptionally high embossing quality and honors the series.
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