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silver bar security line 500 g .999 - Schloss Güldengossa

500 gram fine silver
Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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500 Gramm

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500 g
physical dimension
90,62 x 49,62 x 11,10 mm
heat-sealed certificate with surcharge
An innovation was developed to fulfill supreme security requirements and optimum quality - the Security Line Silver bars of the edition Schloss Güldengossa. The 500 g silver bar is an ideal product for silver investment.
These bullions are unique. Due to a complex minting process, the surface of the obverse sides becomes matte and seemingly three-dimensional, resulting in a clear and attractive shape.
In contrast to other bars, the edge is not smooth, but ribbed as a coin in order to prevent manipulations like filing off small pieces.
The reverse side of these silver bars is textured, showing the LEV-rhombus,
the logo of our production company.
All bars are marked. The entire production process is retraceable to the batch of raw material. There is one more remarkable security feature.
We have painted certain spots of the reverse side with a special and invisible varnish. Under UV light
the bars show a large LEV rhombus and the year of mintage in a deep blue color. Access to this varnish is restricted because it is used to mark distinctive spots on banknotes as well.
These unique and carefully incorporated security features are formidable obstacles for a potential
Furthermore, they are legally protected meaning the bars you will receive are made exclusively by Geiger Edelmetalle.
The raw materials used for the production of these bars are all obtained of distributors which are certified and accredited by the standards of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for Good Delivery.
On your request Geiger Edelmetalle is ready to send you an additional certificate, for a moderat fee, where the fineness and authenticity of the trademark Schloss Güldengossa is guaranteed with the signatur of the companys management.
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