Numismatics special literature

Numismatics are a special kind of collector's passion. Depending on the age, regency, the rarity and the degree of preservation of an exhibit, the overall value exceeds the pure precious metal by far. In addition, these coins are real contemporary witnesses, an sentimental value that can hardly be balanced with gold. It is no wonder that more and more investors and history-enthusiasts are excited about these precious metal products.

In order not to lose sight inside the jungle of coinages, help in the form of catalogues and specialist books is indispensable. In our library, you will find books dealing with Saxon and Prussian minting art as well as real standard works. These include the world coins catalogues and collections on German coins, something also pure investment buyers may find useful. The collection is supplemented by magazines making the start-over with your own collection much easier.

The works can be purchased online as well as in the store at Castle Güldengossa.

More information: Preservation of coins

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