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Maplegram 25 g Gold .9999 one piece 1 g

1 g fine gold

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Royal Canadian Mint
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2,00 Gramm
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1 g
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physical dimension
ca. 8 mm
nominal value
0,50 Kanada Dollar
The 25 Maple Leaf 1 g gold coins are delivered in a perforated blister back and are easily divisible. The protective cover is numbered and serves as a certificate of authenticity.
The maplegram is a bundling of 25 x 1 g gold Maple Leaf gold coins, which are combined within one packaging. Each coin can be separated but is still within a wrapping. Every coin has its own minting and also its own individual serial number on the backside of the packaging.
The Canadian coin ”Maple Leaf” is one of the best known bullion coins in the world and the gold coin is issued by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. This bullion coin with brilliant uncirculated quality has a fineness of 999,9/1000. On the obverse side of the coin is a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II. and the reverse side shows the typical Canadian Maple Leaf. The motif is the same every year. The Maple Leaf we also have in stock as a silvercoin 1 oz and as a platinum coin 1 oz.
Investment gold is tax-free. (§ 25c UStG)
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