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platinum bar 1 oz 999,5 -Schloss Güldengossa

1 troy ounce platinum

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
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gross weight
34,00 Gramm
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1 oz
physical dimension
46,4 x 25,8 x 1,8 mm
heat-sealed 20 pc per sheet 200 pc per box
This 1 oz platinum bar with the label of Schloss Güldengossa, is a wonderful addition to the already small platinum product portfolio. Platinum is a rarity amongst the precious metals, not only because of its rareness, but because of its commonly supply shortages. Three-quarter of the yearly mined platinum comes from South Africa. There are only a few platinum investment products. Well known bullion coins are only the Maple Leaf, the American Eagle, the Australian Koala and the Nobel of the Isle of Man. Platinum bars are also not widespread and have therefore scarcity value. The reason for this low range is the high use of this metal in the industry. Because of this high consumption platinum is a good investment opportunity.
At our modern mint the bars are produced with stringent quality standards. The raw materials used for the production of these bars are all obtained of distributors which are certified and accredited by the standards of the LPPM for Good-Delivery. The bars have a fineness of 9995/1000 and are separately foil sealed, to provide optimal protection.
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