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Panda (2010) - China 1 oz fine gold

1 fine ounce gold

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China Mint
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gross weight:
31 Gramm
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1 oz
nominal value
500 Yuan
sealed in foil
The Gold Panda 2010 has a purity of 999,9 / 1000.
As an official payment in the People's Republic of China, the 31.1 grams of gold pandas bear a nominal value of 500 yuan.
Since the appearance of the investment coin "Panda" in 1982, it has become a classic among the precious metal investment products and enjoys a continuously growing and international fan base.
The Gold Panda shows a classic, on the reverse, the same motif of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which served the Chinese emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties to pray for a good harvest every year. The embossing year 2016 and the country of origin as a letter "Volkrepublik China" in Chinese characters are also on the back of this beautiful gold coin.
On the front is the yearly changing image of a pandas. In addition, the weight, the fineness and the chemical sign of gold are imprinted on the front side below the pandas.
With the embossing year 2017, the Peoples Bank of China ended the use of the Troy weight system and introduced the metric system.
The coin is delivered in foil in an original packaging.
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