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Kookabura 2015 - 1 kg fine silver

1 kg fine silver

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The Perth Mint
Order number:
gross weight:
1.000 Gramm
repurchase price


1.000 g
physical dimension
D: 100,60 mm / H: 14,60 m
nominal value
30 $
coin capsule
The 1 kg silver coin Kookaburra is traded worldwide. The bullion coin in silver is issued by the Australian Perth Mint since 1991. Because of its purity and its international reputation, the Kookaburra is interesting for investors all over the world.
The obverse side of the coin shows the eponymous kingfisher, the Kookaburra. Although the motif changes on a yearly basis, the basic design stays always the same. Every year of mintage has a image of a Kookaburra and on the outer ring is the lettering \Australian Kookaburra\, the weight of 1 kg, the fineness of 999/1000, the used precious metal and the year of mintage.
The reverse side of the coin always shows the portrait of Queen Elisabeth II., because Australia is a member of the British Commonwealth. Also the nominal value of 30 dollar is minted on this side of the silver coin.
The 1 kg silver coin Kookaburra shouldn't be missing in every investment portfolio.
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