NOAH`S ARK - Bullion coin in finesilver

Different sizes for your investment

The “Noah´s Ark” Armenian silver bullion coins are available in
different sizes. This affords investors an opportunity to choose
that amount of their investments on their own.

Silver – Investment Metal and Demanded Commodity

Bullion coins made of precious metals have always been
indispensable component of personal asset protection against
rising inflation, possible currency devaluations and financial
instability. Silver as monetary and investment metal has kept
its value thousands of years. Due to regularly increasing
demand for silver in industry metal experts assure that silver
price will continue rising.

Noah's Ark in proof quality

The edition is limited to 2.000 pieces, but only 1.000 of them will enter the European market. The other 1.000 pieces will be distributed by the Armenian Central Bank in Armenia.
We offer the Noah's Ark coins of proof quality in the sizes of 1 oz, ½ oz and ¼ oz as a set in an attractive handmade wooden box.
The coins are numbered and the respective number is engraved thoroughly in the shiny spots of the edge. Furthermore you will find a certificate of the Armenian Central Bank testifying the technical parameters and further information.



¼ oz

½ oz 1 oz 5 oz 10 oz 1 kg
2011 17.068 15.533 268.325
2012 173.696  102.028  457.576 3.550 2.003 2.449


2013 124.713  90.204  581.800 2.436 1.992 2.826


2014 113.723  87.563  566.323 4.535 3.645 2.590



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