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Cook Islands "Armillary" - 1 oz gold coin

31,1 gram fine gold

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Heimerle+Meule GmbH
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31 Gramm
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1 oz
physical dimension
55 x 0,85 mm
nominal value
100 CID
coin capsule
This special gold sphere/ gold coin is produced by Valcambi in Switzerland, it consists of 4 heavy gold rings with each 1/4 oz. These rings are so-called armillary spheres based on the movement of celestial objects. The underlying model was invented by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus (about 190-120 BC.) it is not entirely clear whether it displays a geo- or heliocentric worldview.
The rings are twisted into each other and can be separated from another, so the product can be presented in various different ways. This uniqueness and the excellent workmanship makes the armillary coin suitable as both, an investment product, as well as a piece of jewelery. The product is freed from tax burdens, which actually are common for gold jewelery.
The obverse-side shows the manufacturers logo which is embossed across the rings. On the reverse the portrait of Elizabeth II and details concerning weight, fineness and value can be found on each ring. As legal currency the armillary coin is registered on the Cook Islands (100 Cook Iceland dollars total).
This coin is investment gold with a certain value, it is delivered in a solide capsule packaging.
Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.
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