Ordering process

With Geiger Edelmetalle you can buy and sell precious metals with ease and convenience. Informations about the current prices you'll find at the price list. These are adjusted several times an hour to the current state of raw materials prices.

  1. Selection of the precious metal products

    Choose your desired product at our Online Shop or contact our consulting team for advice.

  2. Ordering

    You can buy and sell precious metals with ease and convenience via telephone: +49 (0)34297) 9869-20 or you create a customer account at our Online-Shop, this way you can buy and sell precious metals round the clock.

  3. Fixation of the price

    After your set order you'll get an order confirmation Email. Subsequently we check your order and you'll receive as fast as possible an e-mail or a fax with the invoice. With the delivery of the invoice the prices have a binding agreement.

  4. Advance payment

    With the invoice we send you our bank details. Please pay the invoice amount to one of the given bank account. After receipt of payment your goods will be packed monitored by camera and sent to you to the address you have given us.

  5. Ordering with collection by the customer

    At our offices are over the counter trades possible up to an amount of 2,000 €. This can be done anonymously and without leaving any personal details. You also can order the products at our online-shop and you can pick it up at one of our offices. If you want to make sure your desired product is available, we would ask you to inform us previously.


If you have any questions about transacting a purchase or sale, do not hesitate to contact us.