Precious metal depot - safe custody for your investment gold

We store your gold products in our central high-security vault.

  • In contrast to storage in private households, your gold is fully protected there and insured against damage and loss
  • Gold stored for you is 100% your personal property
  • Your gold products are stored directly in your name in individual custody
  • After storage, you will receive a document for your records
gold valuestorage fee
€10,000 - €99,999 0.70 % p.a.
from €100,000 upon request
Minimum storage fee €150 annually. All information is including the statutory VAT.
your security

Independent auditors guarantee our procedures. Your gold assets are insured with one of the world's largest insurance companies.

It's that easy to use the precious metal depot of Geiger Edelmetalle AG
  1. You commission Geiger Edelmetalle AG to store your property by signing the precious metal depot application
  2. Access to your precious metal depot can be made through purchases or consignments
  3. Departures from your precious metal depot occur through sales or physical delivery to you
Castle Güldengossa is the headquarters of Geiger Edelmetalle. The manor house near the cultural city of Leipzig was built in 1720 in the late Baroque style. Since that time, the place has been associated with the silver and gold trade in Leipzig. You can easily reach us from both Leipzig and Chemnitz via the A38 motorway, exit Leipzig-Südost.

Bonded warehouse - tax-free purchase of silver, platinum and palladium

As a special form of precious metal depot, we offer you the opportunity to purchase white metal "tax-free" and store it with us in the duty-free storage area of the high-security vault.

Bonded warehouses are officially approved and monitored warehouses in which regularly taxed goods can be (temporarily) stored untaxed and duty unpaid. The bars stored there are considered not to have been imported into the economic area of the Federal Republic of Germany.

You can conveniently purchase e.g. silver bars from us, the applicable standard tax rate only applies if you have the goods delivered to you physically. Delivery is of course possible at any time if the tax is paid retrospectively and against the corresponding outsourcing, customs clearance and delivery costs.

If, on the other hand, you decide to later sell the goods in a duty-free warehouse, VAT is completely ignored. You benefit from a significantly lower spread between buying and selling.
precious metal valueStorage fee silverStorage fee platinum + palladium
€10.000 - €99.999 1,40 % p.a. 0,70 % p.a.
€100.000 - €249.999 1,20 % p.a. 0,60 % p.a.
€250.000 - €999.999 1,10 % p.a. 0,55 % p.a.
ab €1 Mio. 1,00 % p.a. 0,50 % p.a.
Minimum storage fee €150 annually. All information is including the statutory VAT.
We can currently offer you the following products in our bonded warehouse

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