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Libertad - Mexico 1 oz silver coin - Second Choice

1 troy ounce silver

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Casa de Moneda de México
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1 oz
physical dimension
D: 40,00 mm
The ounces are packed in tubes to 25 pieces

The 1 oz Libertad silver coin is produced since 1982 by the Casa de Moneda de Mexico. Thus it is the oldest silver bullion coin, which is still minted today.

On the obverse side is the Mexican national coat of arms, surrounded by different historical emplems. The reverse side of the coin shows the goddess of victory and the lettering 1 ONZA/PLATA PURA/2008 LEY .999.

Like the South African Krügerrand, the Libertad is official currency, but don't have a nominal value. Its particular feature is its wide division into shares. Next to the Noah's Ark silver coin, the Libertad is one of a few silver coins with such a wide range of coins. The Libertad is available from 1/20 oz to 1 kg.

Because of the different minting years and the different changes of the design over the years, it is also interesting for collectors. As a worldwide known and good tradeabilty, the Libertad is an optimal investment product for beginners.

Please note that we offer old grades here easily discolouring on the coins are unavoidable.


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