Castle Güldengossa

Connected with precious metals since 1720

Over the centuries the idyllic Güldengossa, just a few kilometers from Leipzig, was characterised by its manor. In 1720 the manor house was rebuilt by Johann Ernst Kregel von Sternbach as a representative Castle in baroque style with a adjacent park.

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Noah's Ark - Armenian silver bullion coin

Finest minting quality and fineness

The Noah's Ark is an exclusive silver bullion coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia.
The coin is legal tender in the Republic of Armenia: quality, weight and fineness are guaranteed by the State. The Noah's Ark is produced with highest quality standards at a state of the art private mint in Germany.

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Trademark Schloss Güldengossa

The Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH feels obligated to the centuries lasting tradition of precious metals of the Castle Güldengossa and has issued therefore an own edition of precious metal products with the emblem of the beautiful headquarters.

The edition offers a wide choice of investment bars and medals of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. These bars stem from our own manufacture, which enables us to react flexibly to changes in the market and produce large quantities within a short time.

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Grand Opening of the coin cabinet Brainkofen

Grand Opening of the coin cabinet...

Inauguration of the new coin cabinet & saturday open for business

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Novelty in the industry: Your individual printed medal

Novelty in the industry: Your...

1oz siver medal with individual print

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