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Silver Bar Geiger original - 10 g .999 in Capsule

10 g fine silver

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Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
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Product type
10 g
physical dimension
22,9 x 22,9 mm

The 10 g silver bars Geiger Original are a highlight under the product innovations of the precious metal market. They significantly stand out by their design and security attributes compared to other precious metal products on the market.

Minted of finest silver (999/1000) they are equipped with a pearl-finish surface and a high relief.

The reverse side of the bars have a pattern of the hallmark of our mint, the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung (LEV). Furthermore the reverse side has a blue coating with an individual serial number and another centered placed hallmark. This blue coating has the special feature that it is glowing under UV lighting.

The packaging was specially developed for this bar novelty. The capsule is only to open by destroying it and the small package includes a certificate of authenticity with a precious design.

Therefore this silver bar is not only a very secure investment product, it is also an excellent and unique gift.

Geiger Original - quality and security in square.

Please note: For (re-)selling purposes an intact suface of the capsule is beneficial.

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