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Friedrich III - 20 Mark gold coin

7,17 gram gold

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Product type
7,17 g
physical dimension
22,5 mm
nominal value
20 Reichsmark

Friedrich III became history as the “99-days-emperor”. After the death of his father Wilhelm I he succeeded him to the throne as Prussian King and German Emperor. Because of his serious illness, he already died in the year of his accession to the throne. For this reason there are existing only German Reichsmark coins of Friedrich III with the year of mintage 1888. His early death makes the gold coin with the portrait of Friedrich III a rarity.

The reverse side of the gold coin shows the crowned imperial eagle with the lettering “Deutsches Reich”, the nominal value of 20 Reichsmark and the year of mintage 1888. The obverse side of the coin shows the portrait of the German Emperor Friedrich III.

Because pure gold is a soft metal, it was alloyed with copper to make it harder and more suitable for circulation coins. The fineness of the coin is because of the included copper 900/1000, so the weight of the gold is 7,16 g and the total weight of the coin is 7,965 g.

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