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"Paragrine Falcon" 20 Euro Gold (2019) "Heimische Vögel" 1/8 oz gold coin - various

3,89 g fine gold
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1/8 oz
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20 Euro

The new coin series of the 20 Euro gold coin "Heimische Vögel" published by the German government.

This is a 1/8 oz coin from 999.9 Feingold, which corresponds to a fine weight of 3.89 g.

The gold coin series "Heimische Vögel" from Germany is the succession series to the coins on the subject "German Forest".

The first motif of these gold coins was a singing nightingale in 2016, designed by the artist Bodo Broschat from Berlin.

The third motif depicts a peregrine falcon on the front side, designed by the artist Adelheid Fuss from Schwielowsee / Geltow, who also designed the value side.

The nominal value of the coins of the series is 20 €. The coin is embossed in a plastic capsule with certificate of authenticity.

The limit of the series is 200,000 pieces per motif and 40,000 pieces per manufacturer.

You can choose among the following: A - Berlin, D - Munich, F - Stuttgart, G - Karlsruhe and J - Hamburg.

The other motifs of the series are

Nightingale 2016

Oriole 2017

Eagle Owl 2018

Peregrine Falcon 2019

White stork 2020

Blackspeed 2021.

Photographer: Hans-Jürgen Fuchs, Stuttgart

Please note the indicated delivery time.

The issue of the 20 € gold coin Peregrine Falcon 2019 will take place at the end of June 2019.

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