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Libertad - Mexico 1 oz gold coin

1 troy ounce gold

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1 oz
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D: 34,50 mm

The successor of the famous 50-peso-coin, the Mexican Libertad enjoys great popularity among gold investors.The first year of issue was 1981, so the Libertad is one of the oldest gold coins, since the introduction of a consistent standard for bullion coins, next to the Southafrican Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Like the Krugerrand, the Libertad has no nominal value. Only the fineness, the weight and the used material are shown on this noble gold coin. Nevertheless it is legal tender in Mexico, like the Krugerrand, the face value corresponds to the current gold price.

The name of this gold coin is owed by the minted goddess of freedom “Libertad”, which decorates the obverse side of the coin as a winged figure.

The reverse side of the gold coin shows the official coat of arms of Mexico with an eagle and a snake fighting.

Because of its small numbers of minting the Libertad is ideal as bullion investment, as well as it is interesting for collectors. This is because it is one of the rarest gold coins in the world.

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