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"Oriole" 20 Euro Gold (2017) "Heimische Vögel" 1/8 oz gold coin various

3,89 g fine gold
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1/8 oz
nominal value
20 Euro

The new coin series of the 20 Euro gold coin "Heimische Vögel" from Feingold.

This is a 1/8 oz coin from 999.9 Feingold, which corresponds to a fine weight of 3.89 g.

The Goldmünzserie "Heimische Vögel" from Germany is the succession series, the coins on the subject "German Forest".

The first motif of these gold coins was a singing nightingale in 2016, designed by the artist Bodo Broschat from Berlin.

The second motif depicts a pirol on the gold coin, also designed by the artist Frantisek Chochola from Hamburg. The value side was designed by Adelheid Fuss from Schwielowsee / Geltow.

The nominal value of the coins of the series is 20 €. The coin is embossed in a plastic capsule with certificate of authenticity.

The limit of the series is 200,000 pieces per motif and 40,000 pieces per pre-owned.

You can choose among the following: A - Berlin, D - Munich, F - Stuttgart, G - Karlsruhe and J - Hamburg.

The other motifs of the series are

Pirol 2017

Uhu 2018

Peregrine Falcons

White stork 2020

Blackspeed 2021.

Photographer: Hans-Joachim Wuthenow, Berlin

Please note the indicated delivery time.

The issue of the 20 € gold coin Pirol 2017 will take place at the end of July 2017.


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