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The Queens Beasts "alle motifs" - United Kingdom 1/4 oz goldcoin

7,775 gram fine gold
The Royal Mint
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1/4 oz

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The new gold coin The Queens Beat ″The Lion of England″ is first gold coin of the Series ″Queens Beast″ and is minted by the Royal Mint in England since 2016th.

The design of the coin will change every year. This coin is the first one of a 10-year coin series. Therefore, we can recommend this for collectors, as well as for investment customers as an attractive release on the market.

Both sides of the coin are designed by British henceforth coin designer Jody Clark. The detailed motive shows a roaring lion, standing on his hind legs and holds in a claw an armorial of the United Kingdom.

As ″The Queens Beasts″ refers to heraldic animals that have been used at times of the United Kingdom, e.g. on shields. These figures were named in 1953 as to the occasion of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the sculptor James Woodford created 10 statues designed in reference to the recent heraldic animals. These creatures were now named as the ″The Queens Beasts″. Therefore, the other designs will also deal with the British Heraldry.

The coin comes packed in a tube with 25 pieces or will be delivered in a sachet.

With every motive the mimnt releases a 1 oz and 1/4 ounce gold coin and 2 oz high relief silver coin.

  • The Lion of England

  • The Griffin of Edward III.

  • The Falcon of the Plantagenets

  • The Black Bull of Clarence

  • The Yale of Beaufort

  • The White Lion of Mortimer

  • The White Greyhound of Richmond

  • The Red Dragon of Wales

  • The Unicorn of Scotland

  • The White Horse of Hanover

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