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gold bar Geiger original - 1 g .9999 square within capsule

1 gram fine gold
Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
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Geiger original is the title of the new, innovative bar series of Geiger Edelmetalle. With its square shape and numerous safety features, it is a major product innovation in the precious metal sector of 2017.

The certificate, firmly attached to the security capsule, is designed in the style of classic investment papers used for shareholding. It puts the entire product together to form a single unit. The obverse shines with the trademark Schloss Guldengossa and the specification of fineness and fine weight. On the back is the logo of our mint as a pattern.

The safety features stand out from the shining appearance. In terms of security, the Geiger Original, following our Security Line, sets new standards in the industry. The surface is embossed in Pearl Finish, the backside with a high relief and the ribbed edge, which is usually only used for coins, make the bar series difficult to counterfeit.

With the UV coating on the back and the individual serial number, which can be checked online, a replica becomes almost impossible to produce. With our online serial number test, you can assure yourself of the authenticity of your Geiger Original product.

This 1g gold bar can also be ordered in the Multicard (25 pcs.) or as a tube (30 pcs.).

Please note: For repurchasing it is important, that the packaging isn’t scratched or broken.

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