Why to buy silver

Silver is one of the classic and most widespread investment metals. Regardless of short-term fluctuations in the market, silver has been steadily rising in value over the past years.

Unlike gold, silver is an important raw material used by the industry. In particular the electronic and solar industry's demand will have further influence on the price development of silver. Because of its antibacterial properties, silver is also gaining in importance in medicine and in the textile industry. Experts in precious metals therefore expect a positive long term development in the price of silver, as its worldwide deposits are limited.

Silver coins are minted with a nominal value. The value of silver exceed the nominal value many times over. That´s why they are traded as bullion coins worldwide.

Silver coins whose issuing country is outside the EU are taxed differently (margin tax). Silver coins from the EU and silver bars are traded with 19 percent VAT.

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