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silver bar Geiger original - Tube 30 x 1 oz .999

30 x 1 ounce fine silver

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Product type
1 oz
physical dimension
109,6 x 109,6 x 39,4 mm

The new 1 oz Geiger original silver bars are now available within a space-saving tube.

The packaging was specifically developed for these security bars and is characterized by seperated slots - one for each bar. In this way the bars do not touch each other and the surface stays intact. The tubes are closed with two security labels. You should check their intactness before purchasing. The tubes are semitransparent, what gives you the opportunity to count the bars without opening. 30 silver bars are in one tube.

The bars themselves are characterized by special security features. Next to the square basic form, the bars are equipped with a ribbed edge and are minted with a high relief. Furthermore they have a pearl-finish surface and a structured reverse, which includes the logo of the mint and an individual serial number with a special security coating. This coating is fluorescent under UV lighting, like it is customary with banknotes.

Geiger original - quality and security squared

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