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Panda (various Years) - China 1 oz silver coin

1 oz silver

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China Mint
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The 1 ounce silver Panda is issued by the China Mint and has a fineness of 999/1000. As legal tender in China, this 1 oz silver coin has a nominal value of 10 Yuan. Since the year of the first edition in 1982 this silver coin has reached the status of a classic silver coin and has an increasing number of international customers. The silver China Panda shows on the reverse side the unchanging motif of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, which was used by the Ming and Qing dynasties emperors to pray for a good harvest. Surrounding the Temple you find the year of mintage and the Chinese letters of the words “Peoples Republic of China”. The obverse side of the coin shows the yearly changing motif of a panda and the nominal value of the gold coin.

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