Gold Bar Geiger original - Tube 30 x 1 g .9999 square

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Gold Bar Geiger original - 20 g .9999 in capsule
These wonderful gold bars of the Geiger original series are a new development of Geiger Edelmetalle. Not only the square design stands out, but also the special security features, which are unique on the precious metal market.The 20 gram gold bars consist of 99,99% pure gold and is delivered within a security capsule together with a certificate of authenticity.The security features are:1. minted obverse with pearl finish surface2. ribbed edge as is customary with coins3. textured reverse with high relief4. printed unique serial number5. UV-coating with the manufacturer‘s logo (visible with a black light)6. individually packed bars with certificate and within a security capsule which can be only opened by destroying the capsule.The obverse of the bars shows also the Geiger Edelmetalle logo, the beautiful Schloss (Castle) Güldengossa (registered trademark) and the information of weight and fineness of the gold.Geiger original - quality and security (square design).Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.

Content: 20 Gramm (€60.20* / 1 Gramm)

Gold Bar Geiger Original - 1 oz .9999 Square in Capsule
1 ounce gold is 1 ounce gold is 1ounce gold ...Nevertheless there are differences! This bar was the latest product innovation in the year 2017 in the precious metal industry. Special security features make this bar to one of the most forgery-proof bars in the world. This advancement of the security features was exclusively developed for Geiger Edelmetalle and are made in Germany in an elaborate process. Packed within a security capsule, which can only be opend by destroying it, these bars come with a certificate of authenticity. There are also additional visible and non-visible security attributes.Next to a pearl finish surface, a ribbed edge, high relief mintage and a structured reverse, these bars have also an individual serial number and a UV-coating, which completes the security concept.The bar itself is made of finest gold (999,9 pieces of 1000 are pure gold), what we guarantee with the attached certificate of autenticity. The obverse of the bar shows the known castle Güldengossa (Schloss Güldengossa) next to the information about fineness and fineweight. The reverse is decorated with a pattern of the mint mark of our mint - the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (short LEV). At the reverse is also a colored version of the mint mark in blue, which is fluorescent under UV-light.This bar isn't only beautiful to look at, you are also investing in a secure product.Geiger original - quality and security (square design).Please note - for the (re-)sale of the bar an intact capsule surface is essential.Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.

Content: 31.1 Gramm (€60.26* / 1 Gramm)

Gold Bar Geiger original - Multicard 25 x 1 g .9999 square
Geiger Edelmetalle is launching an entire product series in square form for the first time with the new Geiger original series. The special feature of this multicard is the separation of the 25 x 1g bars. Here, breaking of the bars is not necessary, which makes reselling the bars much easier. A real highlight for investors!The Multicard, like the entire product line, is also provided with a certificate, in the look of traditional stock market shareholder documents. The design thus emphasizes the timelessness of precious metals in the investment sector. The trademark Schloss Güldengossa, as well as the details of fineness and fine weight, can be found on the front. The reverse represents the LEV mint in a repeating pattern. Not only in appearance is new ground broken, but also the quantity and quality of the security features are on a uncomparable high level. Based on the standard Security Line, these have even been extended: the pearl-finish surface on the front, the reverse embossed with a high relief and the fluted edge, as on a coin, give the bars their individual look.A special highlight is the finishing of the reverse side with UV security coating and an individual security number. Which can be tracked online in the serial number test. We thus ensure the authenticity of your Geiger Original bars.These 1g gold bars are also available individually in a security capsule or in a tube (30 pcs.).Geiger original - quality and security (square design).Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.

Content: 25 Gramm (€64.30* / 1 Gramm)