Maple Leaf - Canada 1/4 oz gold coin


Etui "universal" small with the logo of Geiger Edelmetalle, black
Etui "universal" small with the logo of Geiger Edelmetalle, black

Coin Flip (for coins with a diameter of ca. 46 mm)
Our coin flips are made of a transparent plastic film and are suitable for all common 1 oz (and smaller) silver and gold coins. This way your coins are protected against contamination and scratches in a simple but efficient way. The coin flip is ideal for the transport and short term storage of your coins.Please note, it is unsuitable for long term archival use.

Object frame 50 x 50 mm inner dimension black
The object frame setting a perfect stage for your precious metal coins. The frame can be opened up and firmly closed by a magnetic lock. Enclosed by two flexible and transparent silicone membranes your treasures are floating as if by magic and you have an unlimited view on all sides of your object. As a gift or for your own coin collection - the object frame is the perfect storage for something very special.


Ähnliche Artikel

Kangaroo/Nugget Australia - 1/4 oz gold coin
The investment product 1/4 oz gold Kangaroo / Nugget with a fineness of 999,9/1000 is a classic bullion coin and well known among experts of the precious metal sector. Any gold portfolio would benefit from this Australian gold coin, which is produced by the Perth Mint. Since the official start of the production in 1986 it has become more and more popular. It is an interesting product for investors as well as for collectors. Because of its high purity, high quality and its unique design it is nearly as famous as the Krugerrand. The best-known representative of Australia, the kangaroo, decorates the coin with a yearly changing portrait since 1990. Before the kangaroo was depicted, the obverse bore a gold nugget, and this is where its name comes from. As is custom with the Australian Perth Mint, the reverse of the coin bears the face of the British royal monarch with the corresponding nominal value of $25. A huge advantage of this coin is the packaging. Every 1/4 ounce Kangaroo Nugget comes within a capsule, which protects the coin from damage. This can be of interest to collectors and provides a benefit compared to other gold coins like the Maple Leaf, the Vienna Philharmonic or the Krugerrand. Due to their high reputation, gold Kangaroos are easily resold.Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.Please note that we deliver various years.The motive of the coin changes each year.

Content: 7.775 Gramm (€65.08* / 1 Gramm)

Krugerrand (Krügerrand) - South Africa 1/4 oz gold coin
The 1/4 oz gold Krugerrand is undoubtedly the best-known and most widespread gold coin in the world. Furthermore it is the oldest gold coin, which is still produced. A particular feature of the Krugerrand is, that it has no nominal value and nonetheless is legal tender in the Republic of South Africa.A typical feature of this gold coin is its reddish colour. This particular colour is caused by a copper alloy, which makes the soft gold harder and more durable. This also means it has a fineness of 916,6/1000. Despite the high copper content, the fine weight of this 1/4 oz gold coin is still 7,78g. Its full weight is 8,48 g and therefore it is heavier than, for example, the Maple Leaf gold coin.The obverse side shows a portrait of Paul Krüger, a former South African politician and president. Surrounding the portrait is the lettering SUID-AFRIKA and SOUTH AFRICA. The reverse side depicts the well-known motif of the springbok, which characterizes the Krugerrand. The year of mintage and the weight are shown here as well. The name “Krügerrand” is composed by the name of Paul “Krüger”, who had German ancestors, and the national currency of South Africa “Rand”. An additional benefit of the worldwide well-known Krügerrand is that you won’t have any problems reselling this coin. Making it a nearly a must-have gold coin for every investment portfolio. Investment gold is exempt from tax under § 25c UStG.

Content: 7.775 Gramm (€66.24* / 1 Gramm)