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silver bar Geiger original - Multicard 25 x 1 g .999 square

25 x 1 gram fine silver

Repurchase precious metals

Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
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Product type
1 g
physical dimension
10,6 x 10,6 mm

The name Geiger original stands for the product innovation of the year 2017.

With these new products, Geiger Edelmetalle for the first time in precious metal sector is launching a complete bar series with a square basic shape.

The multicard with 25 bars, arranged in a square, separated from each other, so they can be singled out for resale.

This simplifies the resale and makes this product particularly attractive for investors.

Like the whole series, the Multicard is also certificated, in the style of traditional stock exchange documents. The design thus emphasizes the timelessness of precious metals in the investment area. The trademark Schloss Güldengossa, as well as the specifications of fineness and fine weight, can be found on the front of the silver bar. The back represents the LEV logo in a repeating pattern.

The true innovation spirit of this series can only be seen with a closer look at the security features, which, in amount and quality, surpass the preceding security line once more. The surface is in the pearl-finish look and the back is embossed with a high relief and the edge of the bars is ribbed, like that of a coin.

Each bar is provided with a UV safety coating, the individually stamped and printed serial number can be additionally tracked in the online serial number test. So that you can be sure to have acquired a genuine Geiger Original.

These 1g silver bars are available also in single form in the security capsule, in the tube (30 pcs.) Or in the master box (480 pcs.).

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