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Wiener Philharmoniker - Österreich 1 oz Platinum

31,1 gram fine platinum

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Münze Österreich
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Being one of the most popular bullion coins worldwide, the Wiener Philharmoniker is now also available in platinum. The platinum coin was first presented at the World Money Fair 2016 in Berlin.

On the front it show the famous organ of the golden theater of the Vienna Orchestra. On top of it, you can see the country of origin, whereas underneath, you can find the weight, material, year and nomination. On the back of the coin, there is a selection of musical instruments and the inscription Wiener Philharmoniker Platin.

The coin is also available as gold coin in several sizes, as well as 1 oz silver coin. The first edition of the bullion coin in gold was introduced in 1989.

The platinum coin has a fineness of 999,5/1.000.

Nomination 100€.

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