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20 $ USD American Double Eagle - St. Gaudens

30,1 gram fine gold

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United States Mint
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30,1 g
physical dimension
34,1 x 2,0
nominal value
20 US-$

The 20 $ Double Eagle, also known as St Gaudens Eagle or simply called Double Eagle, is a gold coin which was issued by the USA from 1907 to 1933. It shouldn’t be missing in every Eagle - collection. With a total weight of 33,43 g it has a gold content of 900/1000, so the fine weight is 30,092 g. The other tenth consists of copper.

The coin was named after its designer, the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It shows the Lady Liberty next to the year of mintage and the lettering “Liberty” in front of a rising sun. On the other side of this beautiful coin is a bald eagle in flight framed with the words „United States of America“, „Twenty Dollars“ and „In god we trust“.

The gold coin was minted with high circulation figures till the Executive Order 6102 (which forbid the possession of monetary gold) in 1933 and is still traded as an attractive bullion coin to this day.

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